Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3512 Written Update: Sirat Returns To Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3512 30th August 2021 Written Update: Sirat Returns To Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3512 The Episode starts with Sirat seeing Kairav and Akshu. She says sorry Kairav, I m going while you are asleep, our relation won’t end, whenever you need me, call me, I will come running, I will always be your friend. She gives a sorry card. Kairav talks in sleep… please Lord, make dad and Sirat’s marriage real one. Everyone looks on and gets sad. Sirat leaves from the room. She apologizes to Manish. Manish says stay happy. Sirat says sorry Dadi, you had to take a wrong decision because of me. She hugs Dadi. Suwarna says we want to give you something, don’t refuse, you shouldn’t miss all of us. Sirat sees their pics and says I have to forget myself before forgetting you all. Suwarna says stay happy. Kartik comes and takes the bag. Sirat says let me go. He says I have some right. They talk via hearts. She leaves in the taxi. He thinks please stop Sirat. She thinks sorry Kartik, I can’t stop. The taxi leaves. Lamha lamha….plays… Kairav wakes up and comes out. He asks for Sirat. Kartik says she couldn’t stay here. Kairav says I would have stopped Sirat. He cries and coughs. Everyone worries. Kairav says mumma left me, Sirat also left me, no one loves me. Kartik says come with me. Kartik falls down. Sirat gets worried and shouts Kartik….She says what was this dream, is everything fine there, if Kartik and Kairav… She reaches Jaisalmer. She says what’s happening to me. Kartik sits sad. Kairav says Sirat told me to call her whenever I need her. Kartik says we can’t do emotional blackmail, I want her to come happily, not for our happiness, she would be getting good welcome n Jaisalmer, she is national champion. Kairav says look there, she has come. Kartik sees Sirat running inside the house. She asks are you both fine, I had a dream that something is wrong. Everyone comes out to see. Suwarna asks how did you come here. Sirat says I thought either Kartik or Kairav is unwell. Dadi says oh, you should have called and asked. Suwarna says what would happen to them, we got habitual to your coming and leaving. Gayu says you got tensed, right. Kirti asks but why. Kartik says good you came, but don’t do this next time, no need to come, don’t worry and go, we all are fine, bye. Sirat says bye, I didn’t say bye to Kairav. Suwarna says Kairav, say bye. Kairav says bye. Kartik asks did you forget something. Sirat says nothing, you all take care of yourself. Dadi says don’t worry. Sirat leaves. Everyone looks at Kartik. Kairav asks why did you let her go, she didn’t want to go. Kartik says she wanted to go. Suwarna asks why would she come back then. Kirti says she was looking at you, like you were seeing her during the match. Kartik asks did she want me to stop her, she left. Everyone asks him to go and stop her. Sirat waits near her taxi. Kartik disguises as the driver. She says you weren’t here since long time. She says Kartik didn’t stop me, he made me leave as if I m a ghost. Kartik sees her and smiles. She says I came back, but he didn’t ask me to stop. Its all about love….plays… He says maybe he has in his heart, he is scared of you, he is respecting your wish, maybe he doesn’t like you. She says you focus on the road, I m not talking to you. He says sorry. She says Kartik said he likes me, he loves me. He asks really, did he say this. She asks will I say it just like that. He asks then why are you leaving, don’t you love him, did you say yes or no. She says no. He asks why. She cries. He gives her tissues. He says yes in heart and no on the tongue, strange. She says he should have understood my heart. He says I think he is mad. She scolds him. He says leave Kartik ji, what do you think about me, I also like you, I love you. She asks how dare you, stop the car, get down the car. He smiles. She leaves. He asks her to look back, he isn’t so bad, he is more handsome than Kartik. She says no one is like Kartik. She throws her bag at him. She sees Kartik. He smiles. He says even then you refused to my love, why did you refuse, tell me. She says saying yes would mean becoming a problem for you always. He says you never understood my love, we are ready to do anything, you were saying no, you thought you will leave and all the problems will go, we can face problems together, real life partner is one who supports you, who stands by you, I will have a problem if you go away. She says truth is, my heart was sinking when I went away from you, I was thinking how will I stay without Kairav and you, I was worried by that dream, thinking I wasn’t with you, if I can meet you again or not. She cries and says I came back to you. He smiles. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3512 Watch on hotstar   Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tv Serial Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist on
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