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The Tomorrow War movie review

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Chris McKay
Chris PrattJ.K. SimmonsYvonne Strahovski
Science FictionDramaAdventureActionComedy

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Time Travel Plus Aliens Plus Creatures Plus Awesome BFX We have seen this concept many times in Hollywood and who is the one with the timetable through Avengers? Now it has become fit in the mind like lentils and rice in the stomach and the story of this film is also the best on-time travel, in which some people have come to ask for help from the year 2015 on the current time to know from the future. So that some soldier from the present time can go to the future and kill or defeat some of the deadliest alien space there so that the world can be saved and in the future, his beloved daughter can get a good world. So the heroes of the film go to the future and get ready to fight the aliens and they fail but what happens after that and how the aliens are defeated. You will know that only after watching the film, first of all let me tell you that due to the paint, this movie could not be released in theaters but Amazon bought its publishing rice for 200 million dollars. After watching the trailer for $ 200 million, the question of many people was that if the future is getting bored and they have a way to do the timetable, then they can kill the alien by going to the timetable. Neither should I tell you that you will also get the answer to this question that we know in advance what is going to happen to us in the coming years, what will happen in this movie also. People with the future do not know what is going to happen to them Coronavirus knew if this concept of time travel was in reality, would it not? If it is seen that the Chinese people play the band, then the concept of time travel itself is an image of female concept, about which there are many things. And in every time travel movie, that concept is used according to their contact and theft, what is there like jumping in this movie, through which time jump can be done from one time to another If the text of the first 30 minutes of the film is ignored, then the story ahead of it is quite engaging, in which you will get plenty of action, as well as successful comedy and you will also become emotional in a couple of places, laughing at any scene of The Father and Daughter. When it comes in front of you, you will know that the movie has come out completely as a Phool Do Masala movie.

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But there are many plot holes in this film, here the people of the future are present. If they come, then why no government sector people have answered any question that if there are less people left in the future and you are taking people from the past, then why are you taking normal civil. Those who do not even know how to hold a gun, why do not you directly talk to different governments here, why not military level help, due to such small negative points, some scenes become beyond your understanding and talk So this is a Siberian family drama which is a one-time watch movie for those who enjoy 85050 and who like science fiction action aliens etc. They will definitely like this movie. There is a lot of bloodshed in this film, so children should stay away from it, if there is no intimate scene, etc., then you can watch it openly, I will give this movie 3:00 out of five stars Go watch it on amazon prime video The Tomorrow War movie review end
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