Tera Mera Saath Rahe Episode 16 Written Update: Gopika Is Welcomed At Modi Mansion

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 6th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update  Tera Mera Saath Rahe Episode 16 Written Update Tera Mera Saath Rahe Episode 16 Written Update – Gopi will marry Shaksham. He accepted me with love, even though she thinks I’m not educated. Nikhila believes I have a daughter in law who is educated. Shaksham recalls that Gopi was willing to do the same thing he asked, but still went to the mandap. Shaksham is asked by the priest to apply for sindoor to her. Gopi believes that Shaksham is actually marrying me. Shaksham believes I am marrying her to my Maa, but I refuse to accept this marriage. Nikhila requests Shaksham fulfill his promise to her. Shaksham takes a deep breath and applies sindoor for Gopi. Chiragh applies sindoor for Raashi. They are married by the priest. Gopi is leaving the home. Her uncle blesses her. Her brother thanked her for always being there. Gopi said that you and your brother took care of her always. I will always be grateful. Gopi’s uncle pleads with Baa to look after his daughters. Nikhila promises that she will keep Gopi my daughter. Gopi asks Hiten, her brother Hiten, to look after herself and her uncle. The uncle questions Ramila and Raashi about where they are. Raashi and Ramila are dancing. Ramila claims that you are now a Modi family member. Raashi claims that I will live a luxurious life. Nikhila sets out to find them. Ramila is shocked to see her, so she hugged Raashi and wept that she would miss her. Nikhila questions what is she doing here. Ramila said that I wasn’t ready for Raashi to marry today. Without them, this house would be empty. Gopi hugged her and said, “I will take care myself and Raashi.” The servant takes their luggage. Ramila says Raashi has 4 bags, Gopi has 1 bag. Minal claims Raashi won’t have to take too many things. Nikhila tells her to take what she wants. Ramila taunts Nikhila if she would like to go along with her daughters. Ramila giggles. Scene 2All members of the family come to Modi’s house. Nikhila wonders where Gopi is. Gopi is out of the house, and worried about Raashi’s luggage. Gopi is told by the servant not to worry. Gopi tells them to be cautious. Nikhila arrives and tells them to be careful. She takes her there. Minal performs Gopi’s and Raashi’s aarti. Nikhila claims that Gopi will be the first to enter the house, as she is the elder daughter-in-law. Gopi performs her garah parvesh, and Shaksham enters the house. Raashi is furious that Gopi has to follow her. Minal gives Raashi and Gopi a shagun. Nikhila got a set of gold jewelry for Gopi. Shaksham believes she has married me because of all this.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe Episode 16 Written Update End

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