Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th August 2021 Episode Written: Aarav’s Statement Frees Avinash From All Charges

The Episode begins with Vivaan asking Badi Maka to return the case. She says that it is her last chance. Aarav also asks her. Gajendra requests Aarav to not be stubborn like children. Aarav asks Papa to take the case back. Gajendra promises he will be punished. Badi Maa is told by Aarav that he has divorced Simar. She will be leaving the house in 15 days. He asks for the case to be returned. Badi Maa claims that this girl will leave within 15 days. If he doesn’t, he will be punished. Gagan watches the news regarding his father’s case. Aditi calls. Aditi asks Gagan if he is fine. Gagan cries. Aditi also breaks down and tells Gagan that she can understand her pain. Reema informs Chitra that she is sorry for her mistake. She says that she wanted to end the hoardings but that it did not happen. She accepts her apology. Chitra claims Badi Maa will make a fuss about Vivaan, me and Vivaan. Reema claims it’s just my mistake. Chitra claims that you fled from mandap to pursue your dream, and then got trapped and married Vivaan. She said what Vivaan would feel if he discovers that you don’t love him. She said that she supported you despite knowing all. However, you’ve ruined your family and now you want to ruin mine. Reema flinches her arms. Chitra asks Reema to keep acting for the acting word. Reema states that she will leave Vivaan’s world if necessary. That’s why I helped you. Chitra questions if you realize that you have made a huge commitment. Reema said yes, but please save my Papa. Chitra wants to know if you will back down. Reema said that she would give her life for Papa and would leave behind vivaan’s. Aarav said that I had promised my wife that I would fulfill my husband’s duty until she was with me. He said that he has learned from you not to break my promise and that is why he needs your assistance to fulfill his duty. He asks how can I punish an innocent person. Badi Maa asks him to stop referring to his teachings. Badi Maa is calling Yamini Devi, who watches the TV. She claims that you have also troubled innocent people in the past and she asks you where you’ll go with all your sins. Badi Maa looks angry. Gajendra questions who called it. Badi Maa doesn’t answer.   Reema claims she loves her Papa so deeply and will leave Vivaan. She promises. Chitra questions if you realize that you have made a huge commitment to Vivaan. Reema replies that you only said I didn’t love him and that I would go so far that he will forget me. I will leave this place, my home, and him. Chitra asks her to save Papa and tells her that he is ill and cannot stay in jail. She responds, “I will do what you tell me.”   Indu and Sandhya continue their prayer. After hearing all witnesses and reviewing the evidence, the judge declares that Professor Narayan is guilty of fraud under section420. He will be sentenced to seven years imprisonment. A lawyer arrives and begs for pardon. He said that it was good that you didn’t tell his verdict because I will prove in court that Professor Narayan has innocence. He said that my client Aarav Olswal would highlight the case. Badi Maa questions who this lawyer is. Gajendra claims he is a Supreme Court lawyer and highly influential. The lawyer appeals for the judge to dismiss the case. Sandhya is told by Indu that she must appear in court. Judge says dismiss. Lawyer claims that this is not true and tells me I will call my client Aarav Olswal to the witness room. Aarav looks at Badi Maa, and then goes to the witness booth. Roma begs the God to rescue Papa. Aarav is in the witness box. The lawyer questions Aarav if the marriage was his. Aarav answers yes. The lawyer questions Aarav if he is above 21 years of age and has reached legal marriage age. Aarav says right. Judge asks Mr. Mathur for clarification. Lawyer claims that the fraud occurred with you and your bride was swapped. This is why your signatures do not appear on the filing papers. Aarav claims that I did not file this case. Lawyer questions if you were aware that they are bringing a case against Professor. Aarav replies that he didn’t know. Gajendra claims that Aarav is our child and is the same as us. The lawyer claims that you kept your son in the dark and have filed the case without his consent. The prosecution lawyer tells him that Aarav consented to the filing of the case. Aarav asks Aarav whether he was cheated during his marriage or if Avinash Nrayan had cheated him. Aarav watches Simar and Avinash. He remembers the promises he made to Simar. He remembers telling Simar and Avinash that everything would be fine. He is asked to answer by the lawyer. Judge wants him to answer. Aarav replies that there was no cheating with me. He said that whatever happened was due to a misinterpretation, but there was no fraud. The lawyer asked if you would like to state that Avinash Nrayan has not cheated you. Aarav said that Professor Avinash Narayan, my sasur ji, and my wife’s dad, has always blessed me and never cheated.   Lawyer asks him if he is still in his senses. Aarav states that he is telling the truth in full consciousness. He also says that no one cheated him on my marriage day. Badi Maa’s lawyer asked him if he wanted to tell Badi Maa that Gitanjali Devi (and your father) have not filed the case. He requests the judge to render a verdict. Aarav states that he just wants to tell Avinash Narayan, his daughter, and my wife Simar Oswal that they have not committed any cheating. Simar turns. Reema sighs and wipes away her tears. Aarav said that we are individual and know our responsibilities well. He states that he is very happy with Simar. He requests that Judge dismiss the case as soon as possible. Badi Maa questions Gajendra about this man. My grand-son is saying that they are doing tamasha. Gajendra shouts out and asks Gajendra what you think we are. Giriraj claims that we have struck many with one arrow. He said that he doesn’t believe he would be Badi maas favourite. Chitra claims that our plan was successful. Judge asks Aarav Olswal if he knew that his sasur would be released with his statement. However, his family will be charged for filing fake cases and will have to pay the fine. Badi Maa states that we will be fined because our children have only proven this. She states that my grand-son has made the statement. I am ready and available to take the case back and pay the fine. She then congratulates Aarav on winning the case. Badi Maa smiles at Indu as he comes to her aid. Badi Maa recalls her words. Judge Avinash Narayan pronounces that professor Avinash is innocent. He will be released from prison soon. Badi Maa leaves. Reema and Simar hug together. Avinash emerges from the witness box. Indu touches his feet, and then hugs him. Aarav is elated and smiles. Reema and Roma are happy. Avinash hugges Simar, Roma and Reema. Aarav believes he will say sorry to Badi Mama and Papa. Avinash shares a hug and kisses his wife and daughters. Gagan gazes at them from outside of the court. He thanks Mata Rani, murli Manohar and all those who brought out the truth about his Papa in front of everyone. Lalit and Vivaan hugs Avinash.
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