Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Episode 276: written update

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Episode 276 30th August 2021 Written

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Episode 276 written update Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Episode 276 Written:- Baa is excited to plan janmastami celebrations sitting in a garden with Tia, and other guests. Anant walks up to Radhika, and asks her why she altered his laptop. He can ask Baa, she says. Baa backs her. He inquires if Kanak has tampered with it. Hema claims that Kanak has been with her for a while. Gehna notices the timer in her laptop clicking and, fearing that it will explode, she grabs it from Anant and attempts to put it into water. Anant stops Gehna and asks her what she is doing. She claims she saw a timer ticking on her laptop, and then throws it on the ground. A man hiding reverse counts. Anant marches towards it, and it blasts. He falls down. He falls to the ground. His family rushes to his aid and takes him in. The man hides and walks away. Anant is being checked by Sapan. Gehna asks Anant not to worry, he doesn’t understand why he couldn’t see the risk. He is now fine with a minor injury. Bapuji claims that someone altered the laptop to hurt Anant. Radha walks in. Gehna confronts Radha. Radhika wants revenge on Anant. She will kill him slowly, and not all at once. Anant’s bosses visit police and ask them why they called them. Anant describes the entire incident and states that he wrote the program in code language. He also password protected it. However, he can’t risk national security so he wants them to take him out of this project. Bosses tell him they will make a decision later, and he asks if anyone doubts his assertions. He points out Kanak and Radhika. Radha initially says that she isn’t the culprit. Officers then question her, but she insists that they should not waste time looking for the true culprit. Kanak is next questioned and he also denies Radha’s involvement. Anant is then terminated by the officer. Kanak is next questioned. Officers inform Kanak that they will be monitoring him closely and will monitor him. Krishna enters the room, looking at his phone, and he clashes with officers. He loses his gun and it falls from his pocket. They surround him and warn him not to move. Gehna requests Krishna to speak. Krsihna claims it is a fake gun. The officers check it and then walk away. Baa is concerned about Anant’s job loss. Anant believes he didn’t lose his job. While Gehna is cooking, she sheds tears thinking about the attack on Anant. Radhika comes in, angrily smashing a bowl and berating her for claiming her wrongly. Radhika warns her not to attack her. Gehna twists Radhika’s arm and tells her to clean up the mess she made. Radhika shouts, but to no avail and quickly cleans up the mess with a broom. Anant comes in and inquires about what’s going on. Gehna tells him to clean and he walks off. Radhika fuming about Gehna. Anant is told by Gehna that she still doubts Radhika’s innocence and wants to know who the culprit is. Then, she cries and says that if there was a big blast and some kind of injury to him, then she can’t live without him. He responds that he is not alone and then she says she will protect him. Tomorrow is Janmastami Festival, and god gives her something every year. She will ask for his blessings on her family. He asks her if Janmastami festival is something she enjoys. He exclaims that he loves Kanhaji and then he walks off. Anant believes he will tell her his feelings tomorrow. There may be 1000s of Anant, but only one Gehna. He will be hers starting tomorrow. Radhika listens to his conversation.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Episode 276 Written Update End

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