RadhaKrishn Episode 756 Written Update

RadhaKrishn Episode 756 30th August 2021 Written Update: Krishna Fulfills Radha’s Last Wish

RadhaKrishn Episode 756 Written   RadhaKrishn Episode 756 Written:- Ganesh invites Hanuman to Krishna Janmastami celebrations. Hanuman agrees. Balram is told by Krishna that Ganesh persuaded his greatest devotee to go to the janmastami function. He says now he is eager for Radha to fulfill his wish. Balram asks Balram what his plan is to fulfill Radha’s wish. Krishna tells him he must attend a special Sabha, and then he disappears. He meets the gods and waits for Mahadev to begin the sabha. Mahadev emerges. Gods are happy to see Mahadev and Krishna together. Krishna talks about his plans for his final Janmastami and Radha’s wish. He is unanimous with them all. Janmastami celebrations begin at Dwarka. Krishna is seen in his Brindavan avatar. Radha is happy to see him, and she asks why he’s wearing his Brindavan avatar. Krishna promises that she will soon find out. Balram claims that he surprised them all with his Brindavan avatar. Krishna claims that he organizes every Janmastami valishly but this time, he has a surprise. Radha is told by Ganesh that she too is having a surprise. Sudama, along with her friends, walks in and hugged Krishna. Radha claims that this is why Krishna is today in Brindavan avatar. Ganesh claims he invited his parents but they haven’t yet come. Krishna claims they are here and have fulfilled their duty. Mahadev and Gauri attempt to break the star barrier/sitaronka kavach for Krishna, and then wait for Hanuman. Hanuman is able to fly in. Mahadev claims that Hanuman is his part and knows what to do. Hanuman claims he will make Radha and Krishna’s Janmastami celebration memorable. Krishna climbs a human ladder to remove a hanging curd pot. Revati and others pour water on him. He falls. Sam is happy to see that. Sam climbs back, breaks the pot, and then eats curd. A devotional song plays in the background. Radha informs Krishna that Krishna made Janmastami special by breaking the curd pot. Krishna tells Radha that she will be surprised tonight. She then asks Krishna what her last wish is. She denies that she told him about it. Sudama shows Sudama Sudama’s note and says that she had tears in her eyes while reading the letter. Today is the day for curd pot breaking. How can she ask him to break star? His friend has asked him to do it. She questions him about what he means. He tells her they’re going to a special spot and blindfolds them. She inquires about the special place. He said that they would be staying there forever. He takes her to golok, and takes off her blindfold. She is happy to see golok, and she emotionally feels like they have been here for many years. He said she could live their love memories until the end because it would change forever. She didn’t want her to celebrate his 100th birthday fearing that he would die. But, something will happen she cannot imagine. Radha said that this year was about her fearing what would happen next. He asks Radha to convey her last wish to him and to accompany him to a place that stars will fall. All gods congregate around them. Radha is told by Mahadev that only Krishna could organize such an amazing event. Next, Hanuman welcomes her. All stars fall at once. Radha is happy and tearful as she watches the event unfold. Devi Gauri claims that Krishna organized this mesmerizing event to Radha. Krishna thanked all gods and disappeared. He asks her for her last wish. He asks her to tell him that her last wish was love, and she desires immense love.

RadhaKrishn Episode 756 Written End

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