Pandya Store Episode 217 Written Update

Pandya Store Episode 217 Written Update

Pandya Store Episode 217 Written Update – Rishita Apologizes To Krish

Pandya Store 4th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishita arguing with Dev. Shiva says sorry,

this happened because of us, we are sorry. Gautam says your dad did such things before also, we thought he did it this time also, but we were wrong. Dhara says but we crossed the line, we have to apologize. Gautam says I will apologize for you, but he did wrong with Krish. He says I will go and apologize to Janardhan for my mistake. Rishita says no,

you won’t apologize, scores got settled, no one to apologize. Dev says I m sorry, Rishita. Rishita says I m sorry Krish, whatever happened with you because of my family. Krish says its okay, chill. Gautam goes and hugs Rishita. Jeevan ka ye pahiya…. plays… Rishita hugs Dhara. They all hug. Raavi looks on from far.

Kirti says call isn’t connecting. Kalyani asks Kirti not to worry, they will leave Janardhan. She calls Rishita. Janardhan comes home. They get shocked seeing his state. He scolds them and says I know you all are hiding something, where is Kamini. He calls out Kamini. Gautam asks Krish to sit with him. Krish says I m okay. Suman says his bums are swollen, he can’t sit, he has to stand like a pole, everything got fine, we shall celebrate.

Rishita says you all didn’t celebrate for my job. Suman asks Dev to drop Rishita at her dad’s place for some days. Dhara says Rishita is right, we will keep a surprise party for her. Suman says I m sitting here to decide. Gautam says Dhara isn’t saying wrong. Dhara says please agree. Suman says fine, put my guests in the list, I have to give the good news, I have fixed Shiva’s relation, that girl will come and meet you all, Shiva and she will get acquainted, I won’t let Shiva stay alone, we have to call Prafulla, let her come and see Shiva and Shivani’s jodi.

Gautam asks what’s the need to/; do this. Suman says Prafulla is our relative, we have to tell her. She asks Raavi what can be more happy thing than this that Shiva is getting married. Raavi sees Dhara. Suman asks why are you looking at her, when you decided for divorce, go and tell Prafulla about the girl. Raavi says I don’t know anything. Suman tells about the girl. She says we don’t want dowry, she wants a good family like us, she will not talk about divorce for little things, she likes Shiva a lot.

Suman asks Dhara to take rest. Krish says I can’t play dhol nagada, make Shiva and Dev do this work. Shiva goes. Suman asks Krish to make a list of things, the girl who comes as his Bhabhi will cook well. Krish says I m sure that she can’t cook like Raavi, we will start with brinjal first. Suman says first everyone chanted Dhara’s name, and now Raavi, new bahu will come now,

her name will be chanted. Raavi gets sad. Anita dances and thinks no one can stop my marriage with Gautam. Anita dreams of Gautam and her marriage day. He hugs and kisses her. He says Dhara got old, you will be my future wife. She goes to kiss him.

She holds Prafulla to kiss. Prafulla screams and pushes her. She scolds her. Anita says sorry. Prafulla asks where are you going. Anita says mum’s house, Suman’s house, I will go and take care of her, I will talk to Gautam also. Prafulla says Dhara has come back to take care of them. Anita says she can’t come, how did she come. Prafulla asks her to dream about Gautam.

Dhara applies the skin lotion to her hands. Gautam sees her and cries.

He says I m the wall, but you are the foundation, if anything happened to you, then this wall would have got broken. He hugs her. She says I won’t leave you and go, we have to live for the family. They hug


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