Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Episode 199 Written Update

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Episode 199 Written Update

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Episode 199 Written Update Pallavi Consoles Keerti

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi walks to Keerti and asks is everything fine. Keerti says yes. Pallavi says I know things have changed but we are friends and I heard you and Sunny talk abd if you need I am here for you, Keerti says I don’t want this baby, Pallavi says all wilp be so happy why, Keerti says I will plan later, my career is not set yet, how will I manage, Pallavi says its not necessary you have to quit work after having a baby,

there are so many successful women who have made it to success with their family and baby, and you need a good support system me, Amma and Raghav are there for you, so do think about your decision and whatever you take I am with you. Keerti hugs her and thanks her. Sunny sees them and thinks this Pallavi for first time was a help.

Sunny calls Rocky and says Keerti is pregnant and no one can stop me from becoming owner of this property, Sunny dashes Raghav and says I will call you later and says congratulations Raghav your sister is pregnant, be happy, Pallavi walks to them, Sunny says congratulate me and leaves. Raghav sits on stairs, Pallavi asks whats wrong, Raghav says my baby sister is going to be a mother,

Pallavi says may be she doesn’t want a baby, Raghav says why I will go talk to her, Pallavi says relax I did, probably she is nervous, because things are going to change and I think she will have this baby and promise me you will accept Sunny and handle the baby situation carefully. Raghav says anything for this happiness.

Raghav says Pallavi I can celebrate right, little peg, Pallavi says do I look like a full, no means no. Raghav saya waste of time and leaves.

Pallavi gets Raghav food, Raghav says so many dishes is it compensation for drinking, Pallavi says not at all, you have to eat well because you have blood test tomorrow and you can’t eat for 12 hours, Raghav says okay and sees sabji and asks what is it, Pallavi says Mirchi Salan, Raghav stares at it, Pallavi asks all well why stare, Raghav says I will have it after long time and how did you make it,

Pallavi says boutique colleague gave me recipe, I didn’t know you like it, Raghav says my past is coming back to me why, Pallavi asks what past, Raghav says I knew someone who cooked this dish for me, Pallavi asks who, Raghav says my ex girlfriend, she is the reason I had stopped trusting women and her name is, Pallavi says I dont want to know, Raghav says but I want to because weird things are happening,

Pallavi says I don’t want to know about the past that hurt you so much. Raghav says she broke the trust but you mended it, you brought love and trust back in my life. Pallavi says awww but no drinks have eat your food and thinks oh his ex girlfriend.

Vijay in office sees Raghav does lot of charity in school, NGO, old age homes and may be he thought wrong about Raghav, Pallavi gets him breakfast and says I know Aai isn’t home, so have this then get back to work. Vijay says thank you, Pallavi says you are handling accounts right, is the situation good, because he has closed 3 shops, don’t take me wrong but for Raghav is money is everything, he feels secure with money and changing because of me,

Vijay says he will be fine, he has made good investment and does lot of chairty and God will bless you two always, and I can’t share more secrets of my son in law, Pallavi in tears hearing that says for first time you accepted him, Pallavi says for first time you accepted him. Vijay says go now I have to work, Pallavi says okay do eat and leaves. Vijay says I can never forgive Raghav, he is reason my Son is in jail.

Sunny walks in his room and ignores Keerti, Keerti hugs him says I am sorry I didn’t know how to react, Sunny says I am sorry too I reacted without understanding your side, what is your decision, Keerti says you decide whether you want diapers or crib. Sunny smiles.

Raghav and Pallavi with doctor for his test in his room, Raghav says lets take blood so that I can get report by evening and start my drinking session, Pallavi says I will pick reports what if you change them. Doctor says we have a strict doctor in hospital Dr. Isha, Raghav says who, Doctor says thats me Dr. Isha. Raghav thinks why is Isha’s nake popping so much what is going to happen it took me long to forget her.

Isha visits her boss and her boss says we will have meeting in Jayti jewels today and you along with a Vastu consultant is our chief jewellery designer, so you will accomplish us and Raghav will be there too, Isha breaks her bracelet, boss asks are you fine, she says yes.

Pallavi checks Raghav’s reports and sees reports are normal. Doctor says Pallavi your husband can drink now, Pallavi says no he can’t he drinks too much like water, Doctor says he is young so his body can tolerate but in 2-3 years he will face issues, like cancer, liver damage and may be fertility damage, take care and reach out if required. Pallavi says wait fertility issues, I found a solution.

Pallavi gets call from Raghav, Raghav asks all good, Pallavi talks in emotional tone says I will come home and talk. Raghav saya Farhad she sounded tensed, do I hace major illness, check intern what all issues accessive drinking may cause, Farhad lists many disease and says death too. Raghav says call lawyer I want to make will.

Isha walks in a room and look at herself and remember her boss say she will meet Raghav Rao and says how will I face him, his name makes me so weak how will I bare his hatred.

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