Hungama 2 Trailer Review: Movie coming on 23 July

Hungama 2 Movie coming to Disney+ Hotstar on 23 July

Hungama 2 Trailer Review Cast

Your favorites Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty, Pranita, Meezaan, Johny Lever, Rajpal Yadav… (phew!) are coming back to tickle your funny bone!


It has been almost 18 years since the picture came in 2003, Hungama, but it is one of the biggest comedy films of Bollywood. Close my eyes and believe it is not just a little while ago but we are giving the review a little late, we saw the trailer of Hungama 2, what did it mean brother, it looks like we were bitten before watching the flim In this HD rickshaw cat Jindi Priyadarshan Sahab is back as our favorite Tiwari but me desi Tiwari got a little foreign suit booted his wife just checked And the same thing is the dialogue of Paresh Rawal sir after Parineeta Subhash Rajpal Yadav in Tiwari ji’s Biwi Ka Chakkar Someday’s Leave movie but Beginning I replied back four times with the dialogue Kasam and after that, the rest of the people also did not clear to tell the remake of South’s film, which did not see any Priyadarshan side. mud can’t stand watching someone else dance for Akshay Kumar whose eyes have eyes Hindi song remix shikar ho Gaya Bhai Sahab remix should keep 2 minutes silence That should not be kept because the public dog does not give points to the trailer that is there, but when it is free, then brother sir would have enjoyed it would be better than part one or There is no medico doubt on this that no matter how much you shine the glass, I will die, but talking about comedy, people say what to say, don’t judge until you see the office picture, but got up but when it comes, we will see it will tell

Hungama 2 Trailer

After watching Hungama 2 trailer

Priyadarshan’s Hungama 2 involves us with the promise of a lot of laughter during these grim times. But the grin to counter the grim in Hungama 2 is so forced it almost seems criminal to be not LOL-ing and ROFL-ing while watching the trailer. this is often humor from the 1980s. it’s not even funny. Just a rumor of humor. Hungama 2 seems to be a remake of Priyadarshan’s 1994 Minnaram in Malayalam where Mohanlal had played an affable bloke whom a college friend suddenly accuses of being her child’s father. nobody suggests an assay. Instead, the alleged father protests while the remainder of the characters roll their eyes and check out to possess fun with parts from which the steam ran call at the 1980s. Shilpa Shetty plays Paresh Rawal’s “hot” wife. She is meant to be over 40 but behaves sort of a 17-year-old on speed. I do hope Ms. Shetty has more to try to than look “hot” within the film. to ascertain her sizzle in tight dresses we will always inspect her Insta account. i used to be hoping to ascertain Ms. Shetty doing what she is meant to in Hungama 2. Act. Alas, the trailer seems happy objectifying her middle-aged sexiness. In one song and dance, she is seen grooving to Chura ke dil mera goriya chali. We get the reference, thank you. There is much dancing in Hungama 2, and that’s an honest thing. Meezan Jaffrey has inherited his father’s dancing shoes. He also seems very confident about his comic timing which is probably going to be a plus within the film. Paresh Rawal seems to possess made a comeback after an extended layoff. He are going to be seen in two films Toofan and Hungama 2 this month. He seems to be equally comfortable playing the intense coach and therefore the funny clown.

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