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Grahan Web Series Review

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Cast: Pavan Malhotra, Zoya Hussain, Anshuman Pushkar

Grahan Web Series Review – Disney Plus Hotstar launched its latest ‘special’ Grahan on Thursday. Inspired by Satya Vyas’ popular novel Chaurasi, the story traverses two worlds that are three decades apart but are connected by a truth. It stars Pavan Malhotra, Zoya Hussain, Anshuman Pushkar, Wamiqa Gabbi, Teekam Joshi and Sahidur Rahman. The 8-episode series packs many emotions and should overwhelm you sometimes, but it does manage to go away a deep impact. Directed by Ranjan Chandel, the eight-episode series is about 1984 when the state was shaken by the riots that happened after the assassination of Prime Minister Gandhi. The show is inspired by the novel Chaurasi by Satya Vyas. Grahan Web Series Review | Grahan Official Trailer
The show tells the story of IPS officer Amrita Singh, who tries to research the murder of a journalist, but faces resistance from her superiors. She is delegated to a different case by the CM because he wants his rival defeated. Back in 1984, a person falls crazy with a lady but doesn’t get the approval of her parents. he’s later seen participating in the riots. Unbeknownst to Amrita, everything is connected to her. Grahan talks about the riots, but it also follows police work within the present. It makes a press release about communal politics, and it also tries to uncover a mystery behind a father keeping an enormous secret from his childhood. it’s an article on police corruption but also talks about journalists being killed for asking questions. within the middle of it are hints of casteism and Islamophobia. The show tries to try too many things directly and falls short despite its best efforts. It is also very convenient how one thing is connected to a different. How the opposite case she is delegated is inadvertently connected to the murdered journalist. How the one photo her colleague finds of the rioters, features someone she knows. How when she goes to Bokaro (where the riots happened) she finds people that won’t only help her case but also give her answers about her personal life. All the strings connect out of convenience and not because the manufacturers try to attach them. Talking to reporters in Amritsar on Monday, Bibi Jagir Kaur said, “A Sikh character has been portrayed during an objectionable manner in a web series called Grahan supported the 1984 Sikh genocide. within the web series, the charge of Sikh genocide is being leveled against a Sikh character which is very condemnable and fabricated.” Kaur added that through the online series “work is being done to rub salt on the injuries of Sikhs which might hurt the Sikh sentiments”. She also believes that such a show will affect the “communal harmony” within the society, thus “the government should enact strict Information Technology (IT) rules to curb such sensitive and objectionable trends.” Supported by SGPC, a witness of the riots, Nirpreet Kaur has also sent a legal notice to Ajay G Rai, producer of Grahan, and Sunil Ryan, head and president of Disney Plus Hotstar. Bibi Jagir Kaur has also warned the manufacturers against action if they release the online series with content that shows the Sikh community in poor light. People on Twitter have also joined Kaur in her protest against the online series. they’re also demanding a ban thereon for maligning Sikhs. A Twitter user wrote, “In the trailer, you tried to point out there are Sikhs behind 1984 genocide which is completely wrong. Must ought to think before Hotstar Web Series ‘Grahan’ @GabbiWamiqa PavanRajMalhotra don’t hurt Sikh’s feeling. Shame on you @DisneyPlusHS @DisneyplusHSVIP & sensor board. #BanGrahanWebSeries.” Another wrote, “Stop twiddling with our pain. We strongly condemn and ask you to not release such a series. #BanGrahanWebSeries.”   In an interview with a couple of days ago, the Grahan team was asked how conscious they were while depicting the anti-Sikh violence and if there was any apprehension about the way to approach the topic, given re-telling of historical incidents often invite criticism from the audience, resulting in calls of boycott and ban on the series. Director Ranjan Chandel said that while they need to avoid “taking any side”, people should view Grahan as a romance instead of a depiction of a violent history. “Let’s not view the story of Chaurasi from the attitude of violent history or brutal memories. actually, it’s a gorgeous romance, which at a particular point of the series, reaches a stage where a socio-political incident happens and therefore the journey takes a special form. So, aside from those historical, facts, there’s far more therein romance. “Secondly, because we are mentioning the socio-political event within the periphery of our story and it does play a task in it so yes we definitely had a conscious choice and an effort that we keep the story personal, which is about these characters, and that we didn’t want to try to any commentary about what happened socio-politically. But while mentioning this stuff, we did look out of the very fact that we aren’t taking any sides and that we aren’t making any statement,” Chandel said. Grahan showrunner Shailendra Jha added that had they delved deeper into the history of the 1984 riots, they might have definitely taken it aside. But in Grahan, the main target was to inform a private story while treating the backdrop of anti-Sikh violence “sensitively”. “Basically we were quite sensitive about it (1984 riots backdrop). But we aren’t giving any opinion thereon. It’s a factual backdrop for the romance. But in fact whatever we’ve put within the periphery of our story, the various meanings… you’ll see then will people and that they will form their opinions. But we didn’t want to possess any lens thereon

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