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Extra Jabardasth Comedy Show season 1

Extra Jabardasth Release Date
  1. First episode date: 10 October 2014
Network: ETV Network
Language: Telugu
Genre: Stand-up comedy

extra jabardasth latest episode

Extra Jabardasth Time Teble

Hi Friends, Extra Jabardasth Program was telecast by Ennadu Network on ETV every Friday Night at 9:30 PM. It is the show where the teams(5 teams) can perform skits for the duration of 10 to 12 minutes. It is a Comedy Program where the teams can do skits based upon the theme of Comedy scenes or situations that were already seen in the Movies. It’s a pure comedy program. At Present, the Comedy was not up to mark and they(Team Members) acting was very good. Even though it is a comedy show it has mass look also. Whenever the Actors are playing their Skits, it looks like mass appeal. Everyone Can Enjoy the Show because it is a hilarious comedy show and the jokes and punches were very Nice. Since the comedy show is in the Telugu Language only a few group audiences will enjoy the show. This show looks pleasant and its feels heart-touching. By seeing this show everyone will be relaxed from their daily Tensions. Finally, it’s a Very Good Comedy Show. To watch Jabardasth new episodes visit YouTube channel ETV Jabardasth The show running presently ETV Telugu Channel. The comedy show starts in 2013, still presently running. The biggest hit in TV Telugu industry. ONE hour non-stop COMEDY. The show is given normal actors to big stars and getting to be movie industry. expressly chammak Chanda good actor and punching ladies dialogs.
This plot has given chances and lots of life to several people too.this crazy ENTERTAINMENT show was also popular within the abroad too. Tthe top-rated channel in Telugu one among the foremost famous channels in India is etv.it runs jabardasth i feel it had
been known to all or any . Actors who are acting in these are the new artists who aren’t direct from movie industry it’s both mixed the people that are from industry and also outsiders who wanted to entertain people. This plot has given chances and lots of life to several people too.this crazy ENTERTAINMENT show was also popular within the abroad too.

Extra Jabardasth users Reviews

01. Extra jabardasth is the one of the best programs of the etc. this program has a top-rated in etv channel.in this programme many team participation to entertain us .nagababu and actor Roja are judges for this program and the most beautiful girl Rashmi is the anchor. Rashmi is glomerular for the entire jabardasth program. Extra jabardasth have the highest top in the program. this program which appeared etv on every Friday. This program in a successful team is sudigali Sudheer. this team members ramprasad, srinu, team leader Sudheer.this team’s skit was very comedy and interest skits. The next team is chamak Chandra this team is preferred family skits only but every skit is successful every seen logically and funny created and mannerisms chamak Chandra is the most talented person in this program. Next team raking Rakesh team of all children simply sits and more then comedy latest entry neha dialog delivery and facial expression is very comedy this skits mostly this skit hamlet is children and next team Naresh team .he was short and dialog delivery is very beautiful. This program whenever funny and comedy .but after passing same mouths it will become gossips and daring this program and double meaning dialogs in this program but evry seen is only funny
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