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Dhoop Ki Deewar Review

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Dhoop Ki Deewar Review starring Alyy Khan And Ahad Raza Mir. ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ web series is directed by Haseeb Hasan. to understand more about the ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ Official trailer watch the video
Dhoop Ki Deewar Review Story: India’s Vishal Malhotra (Ahad Raza Mir) and Pakistan’s Sarah Sher Ali (Sajal Ahad Mir) lose their fathers in an Indo-Pak border clash. Their lives instantly change, but they still placed on a brave face and let the media prey on their misery. What follows may be a viral social media spat between these two proud army kids, which soon blooms into a rather unusual relationship — one that’s bound by sorrow. (Two new episodes out every Friday. Spoilers ahead!) Review: Agitated and grief-stricken, two families from across the border mourn the demise of their martyred sons. India’s Colonel Vijay Malhotra and Pakistan’s Colonel Sher Ali fought bravely defending their respective nations, but they left each other’s wives widowed and youngsters fatherless. Their sacrifice, however, brings these conflicting families together. Right from its opening scene, ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ highlights the striking similarities between the people of India and Pakistan — be it their shared passion for nerve-wracking cricket matches or the overly dramatized daily soaps. The narratives run simultaneously at a gentle pace, keeping the audience engaged from the word go.

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Sarah is that the eldest child within the house, and a bit like Vishal, she stays together with her two adorable siblings, overbearing grandparents, and loving mother. Residing in separate nations, rooting for his or her respective armies, they eagerly await their fathers to return back home. And when their doorbells finally ring, both the homes are greeted by army men who convey the earth-shattering news. The fauji parivaars are then pitted against one another by the TRP-hungry media. However, the portrayal of emotionless journalists seems more sort of a poorly executed parody. They provoke the grieving families to prey on their misery. Vishal and Sarah are both compelled to attack on national television, defending the sacrifice of their martyred fathers. Soon, Sarah comes across Vishal’s video on social media, during which he’s seen thrashing the Pakistani army. Aggravated, she strikes back. This only results in a war of words within the comments section, which matches viral and finishes up attracting more media attention. Meanwhile, relatives swoop in like vultures to hound the mourning families for property and monetary benefits. Their stereotypical portrayal is extremely monotonous, especially in Episode 5. Malhotras and Sher Alis gradually uncover these hollow, bitter relationships. And as their strikingly similar stories are depicted, Vishal and Sarah begin to open up to each other. It’s a relationship of misery and pain that nobody else understands, they say. Their delightful banter and unconditional support during these rather unusual circumstances take the narrative ahead. Throughout the episodes, the performances of Sajal Ahad Mir (Sarah), Samiya Mumtaz (Vishal’s mother), and Savera Nadeem (Sarah’s mother) remain consistently remarkable. Their power-packed portrayal is emotive and interesting in every scene. Ahad Raza Mir (Vishal), however, struggles to urge into the skin of his character. It’s only before Episode 5 that his performance picks up. On the opposite hand, Zaib Rehman’s (Vishal’s grandmother) portrayal is sort of unconvincing, which even dampens the performances of other characters within the scenes. What’s noteworthy is that the subtle transitions in lighting technique, when the scenes oscillate between India and Pakistan. And within the gloomy phases, the background score also because the faded-out frames aptly complement the settings. ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ essentially reflects the aftermath of war, where everyone loses despite winning. It’s about humanity and forgiveness that binds the 2 nations. And now that the romance brewing between Vishal and Sarah gains momentum, the drama has significantly intensified. So, will the Pakistani girl and Indian boy ever get together? Will their families survive this storm of despair? albeit they are doing, will they ever be ready to truly forgive the “enemy”? (Note: This review is predicated on 10 episodes of Dhoop Ki Deewar’s first season.) Dhoop Ki Deewar Review [td_smart_list_end]
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