Vidrohi 1st Episode 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update

 Vidrohi 1st Episode 11th October 2021 Written Update: Jagabandhu And Kalyani’s Battle Against The Britishers

Vidrohi 1st Episode Written Update Today

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with the person telling about the Britishers attacking Odisha, the land of Lord Jagannath, the first rebel against Britishers started for the first time, the leader here was the brave warrior Jagabandhu. Jagabandhu is seen praying. His mum comes and blesses him. She says every person is praying here for Radha, for our heir, Radha didn’t get a child after delivering two times, but I feel this time she will get her child. They hear the baby crying.

Jagabandhu runs to see his child. The lady says congrats, you got blessed with a son. Radha smiles and nods to him. He kisses her. He takes the baby in arms. He tells his mum that its her grandson. She smiles and says you are the heir of this Rajya, the 13th Senapati of Khurta Rajya. Jagabandhu says we will call him Jagannath. They smile. He goes to meet his friend Baahu. He says its a son. Baahu says I don’t like giving any bad news at the time of such a good occasion,

fishermen have seen Britishers coming with their huge army. Jagabandhu says the Britishers will attach Maharaj at any cost, we have to stop the Britishers outside the state. He says Maa, Britishers army is coming towards Puri, I have to go. He meets Radha and his son. He says I have to talk to my son, I will return soon. Radha cries. She holds his hand and says come soon. His mum blesses him.

At the Purushottam part in Puri state, Jagabandhu does the aarti and prays in the Jagannath temple. He says give me strength to save your Purushottam and people. Jagabandhu, Baahu and their soldiers go to fight the Britishers. The baby cries a lot. Radha cries and asks Maa to save the baby. Maa asks her to calm down. Jagabandhan gets injured in the battle. The britishers snatch the keys from him. After much time, Jagabandhu wakes up in his room. He recalls the battle.

He sits angered. Radha and Maa come. Radha says we have lost Jagannath. Jagabandhu says I will bring him back, he is the basis of our life, our temple. Radha shows the baby’s black thread. Maa cries. Radha says he struggled for much time, he wanted to stay and wait for you, maybe to talk to you. He gets shocked. He cries and recalls his son. He hugs Radha and cries. He asks why did Lord snatch him from us.

Maharaj Gajapati Mukund Deva gets captured by the Britishers. Britishers tortured the people. Jagabandhu wanted to fight them, but he awaited Maharaj’s release. After some years, Jagabandhu comes home and calls out Radha. He cries seeing the baby clothes. Radha looks on from far. He says I feel the Britishers snatched the temple and captured the Maharaj when I was there, I feel guilty. Radha says don’t blame yourself,

you have tried your best. He says I got much respect in the society because of mum, I have a responsibility of this family. She pacifies him. She says you need a partner. He asks what. She says you have to keep patience. He says there is a limit of patience. She says don’t think so, when the time comes, you will be so glad, you will wear Senapati clothes and go out, the battle will happen,

you will win. She hugs him. Radha gets sad and says a child keeps his father’s idol on this wall, will this place stay vacant, I wanted to see his reflection in his child, when I can’t conceive now, I feel bad for me and him also. Jagabandhu practices war skills.

Radha asks who will take this Senapati tradition ahead after him, you get him remarried to get the family heir. Suwarna Maa asks do you think he will remarry, you complete him, no one else can do that, he has just one aim, rebel, to get back the lost respect, I m just praying that his dream gets fulfilled.

In Badamba state, a girl Kalyani is seen practicing sword skills in the jungle. She climbs a mountain and stands on the top. Kalyani prays to her mum. Her brother comes to talk to her. Their dad comes smiling. He compliments his son. He laughs and gives his Pagdi. He suddenly coughs. Kalyani gives him water. He says after your mum’s death, you have spent your childhood in raising your brother. She says Mohan thinks I m of his age.

He says when you get married, what will Mohan do. She says don’t worry, I will not marry and leave you both, I won’t leave my Badamba state. She goes. He prays for his state, people and family. A man keeps an eye on their Rajya. Kalyani dances with the people in the local festive. Khushiyon ke din aaye….plays… Britishers reach there.

She throws the holi colours. The British officer who was eyeing her before, stares at her. Everyone gets tensed seeing the Britishers. Kalyani gets caught at the gun point. The officer shouts fire.

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