RadhaKrishn Episode 761 Written Update: Radha Goes Away From Krishna

RadhaKrishn Episode 761 Written Update RadhaKrishn Season 4 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha Goes Away From Krishna RadhaKrishn Episode 761 Written Update Radha climbs into a cart and heads for Barsana. Krishna believes he is letting Radha go because he loves her so much. Balram insists that Radha be stopped by Krishna. Krishna claims Radha is a devi love who can make her own decisions. Balram claims he will not stop Radha. Krishna claims he won’t stop Radha or him. Balram reveals. Radha walks in the jungle, remembering Krishna’s words that there is still time to go to Golok. Balram stops Radha and tells her that she promised to call him Dau/elder brothers forever. If Radha leaves Dwarka, he will also suffer for 100 ears. He also waited for Radha Krishna reuniting so he wants Radha to return to Krishna. Radha claims she can’t see Krishna in pain so cannot return to Dwarka. He claims that even he won’t return to Dwarka. He is always with Krishna, Narayan’s Seshnag and Ram’s Laxman. Krishna should always be with her. He denies that he cannot. He promises to keep his word and she asks him to come back to Krishna if he is kind to her. Balram is still crying when he returns to Dwarka. Krishna believes neither Balram nor him could stop Radha. Radha plays hide-and-seek with him and returns. Krishna claims he will find devi Radha, and he walks to her. She then vanishes. He realizes it was all his imagination. But he must also realize that Radha had gone to Barsna. He is afraid he can’t stay in a place without Radha. Mahadev is told by Devi Gauri that Radha can feel her pain because she experienced it as Sati. Mahadev describes Krishna’s birth and says that the environment was very similar. He says Radha Krishna’s love is what can bring them closer. Krishna plays bansuri, a game that is difficult to understand. Yashoda awakens feeling Krishna’s pain. Even Rukmini, Revati can feel Krishna’s pain. Devaki decides to pick Krishna’s bansuri, and hopes she will console Krishna. Balram stops Krishna to ask him to stop his bansuri. The whole Dwarka is suffering from the pain of seeing Balram in pain. He is greeted by his entire family. Balram claims that his entire family is suffering from pain. Rukmini asks Rukmini how they can help him. Krishna tells Rukmini that he just wants to be left alone, and he walks away. Rukmini follows him. Balram stops her, and says to Krishna: Let Krishna stay here. Rukmini is reunited with Krishna, and she says that she was forced to go because her son is suffering from deep pain. Balram claims that he brought mata Devaki with him because he believed it was right. Krishna touches Devaki’s feet and gives her a hug. She claims that he is a karmayogi, who will do karma at all costs. Krishna claims Radha is his love, and she has left him. She claims Radha made the choice. He should fulfill his duty towards Dwarka, and end his pain for mother. He asks not to tell that because it is impossible for him.

RadhaKrishn Episode 761 Written Update End

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