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18+ Indian Adult Web Series

Indian Adult Web Series No character sketches are needed for this series, it’s about pure sex. The synopsis reads – (Nina, Alexa & Yana aka Eva, Annie & Deborah aka Shilpa and Ziva are all sexy angels, God has decided to do something new) I don’t have much to say, except I thought it was really interesting and sexy. I’m sure

Top 10 18+ Indian Adult Web Series

1. Four More Shots Please (2019)

Four More Shots Please (TV Series 2019– ) Season 1, Story – Four female friends from different walks of life deal with romance, work-life conflicts, ambitions, and anxieties in modern-day India. Season 2 – Four best friends will cuddle up again and tell the world to sit up and pay a little more attention to what women truly want. Girls will always be girls around their girls the problems remain simple yet complicated and funny to each other. They will make new mistakes, but love each other a little more fiercely and choose themselves over society’s expectations. This web series, FOUR MORE SHOTS . is an excellent one, which shares a lot going on with this generation of women. It shares how human they are and how inhumanly society might treat them. The acting done by the lead 4, is above average for sure. The cinematography done is good. The story does not seem to be stretched for no reason. The episode goes smooth with a possible conclusion at every end. There are 9 episodes in the first season and 10 episodes in the second. Worth your pay must say they were successful in portraying their script and the meaning behind it. A Must watch. Genuinely looking up to the next season.

2. Ragini MMS Returns VR

Ragini MMS Returns" Ragini MMS Returns VR (TV Episode 2019) - IMDb Story – Ragini MMS Returns 2 VR is a special Cinematic VR episode adaption of the first two episodes of the same series, created in an immersive media format (in Stereoscopic VR) and launched on youtube for fans and audiences of the series. Meena, a paranormal investigator arrives in India from Canada. She visits the Victoria Villa which that is said to have been haunted by the ghost of Captain Burns. Meena along with her boyfriend, Rajeev gets killed by the ghost. Eleven years later, Ragini and her friends decide to celebrate their friends’ Bachelorette party in the Victoria Villa!

Indian Adult Web Series 18+

3. Gandii Baat Season 6

What time does Gandii Baat Season 6 release? - India CSR Network Story – Relationships, over time, became complicated, or even they were never that straightforward as they appear. These stories will cause you to see that whether you’re in rural or urban India, sex may be a factor that will affect you at every level. Because desires are often brutal and regardless of where you’re and what you are doing, your desires can change your fate. In these stories, you’ll see how people from rural India are deeply suffering from their dark fantasies. And it isn’t just men, but even rural women getting to any extent for the sake of sex – including heinous crimes also. this is often a show which can make your heart, and more, throb tons faster. As Usual ALTBalaji’s most of the approx. 90% of original series are based on sex and desires, they don’t have any good web series except a few like “Apharan”. I am watching this series just to look at sexual scenes because their stories are not too good. I am not going to write this review but today i have received an email from ALTBalaji where they said “Watch Gandii Baat Season 2 – IMBd’s No. 1 most rated Show In India” and I am like WTF!.

4. One Night Stand (2017)

Watch One Night Stand Full Movie Online | One Night Stand 2016 Movie - MX Player Story – A mysterious girl, a narcissist actor, a lost soul, a demented night, and a one-night stand. The series ONS is an off-the-track romantic thriller where fate brings in the extreme emotions of 3 complete strangers collide with each other and discover their inner truth by chance and what follows thereafter is a story that breaks all stereotypes surrounding the label “one-night stand”. The story is packed with drama, romance, thrill, mystery, a very strong storyline, great music and impeccable performances by all protagonists, and of course a path-breaking direction above all.
A good watch after a long while. This one has all the ingredients of drama, romance, mystery packed with a great storyline, and good music. The characters have done justice to their respective roles. Kudos to the director for making this brilliant web series. Indian Adult Web Series

5. Singardaan

Singardaan (Hindi Web Series) -

Story – Gupta Ji falls in love with Shabnam, a prostitute. She has a makeup box. When Shabnam dies, Guptaji takes the box to his home. The box turns his wife and daughter into a prostitute. How he will save his wife and daughter and how would he get away with the box? Watch this tale, full of magic, lust, and suspense, Singardaan. Indian Adult Web Series

6. Wanna Have Good Time 2 (2019)

Watch Wanna Have A Good Time 2 Web Series Story – A young businessman Roshan with his attractive and appealing personality dates a spoiled brat, Rena. They plan a date and a night that becomes memorable. On their special night, a loud person like Rena and chirpy gets astonished …Watch the show Wanna Have Good Time 2 to know what happened.
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